Ammunition Dealer Targeted by Operation Choke Point

posted October 7, 2014

Maryland’s TomKatAmmunition steps forward as latest Whistleblower and joins USCC to fight back

WASHINGTON, D.C.— The US Consumer Coalition (USCC) today announced another victim of the Administration’s Operation Choke Point. Due to her industry, Kat O’Connor was denied vital credit card gateway services for her company’s website from PNC Bank and PayPal, as well as credit card processing services from Square Reader.

“If we are limited to either customers sending us a paper check or to those who are local and can make cash purchases, this could very well put us out of business,” said TomKatAmmunition’s co-owner Kat O’Connor. “We are not a fraudulent business, but clearly DoJ is not going after only fraudulent businesses with Operation Choke Point, as they purport.”

“We comply with state and federal requirements, and all we want to do is to be able to operate our business and sell our products to our customers without the government blocking us under false pretenses. Companies should not be discriminated against simply because they sell guns or ammunition.”

“The decisions by PNC Bank, Square Reader, and Paypal to drop or deny legitimate businesses like ours are serious blows to our ability to operate – with very bad timing right before the holidays.”

“This is further evidence that the Administration’s Operation Choke Point is not about going after fraud, but rather shutting down legitimate law-abiding companies they don’t like,” said USCC Senior Advisor Brian Wise. “We will continue to fight for and give voice to victims like Kat so that together we can stop this illegal program, which is not only impacting business owners, but also consumers across the country. We invite all those who believe they have been targeted to share their story with us on the US Consumer Coalition’s Whistleblower Website.”

TomKatAmmunition’s full story can be found here.


USCC recently launched the Operation Choke Point “Whistleblower Website” which can be found at

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