USCC Mission

The US Consumer Coalition (USCC) is a consumer advocacy organization that promotes expanded consumer choice, responsible regulation of consumer-facing industries, fair market conditions, and consumer freedom.

USCC advocates on behalf of America’s consumers and defends their right to make decisions for themselves and their families without burdensome government interference. USCC actively monitors the consumer landscape to identify industries that are currently under scrutiny or censure by the government.  We build bridges, ensure public awareness, and mobilize the powerful voices of consumers and business owners to protect our freedom of choice.


USCC champions consumer accountability.

USCC believes that it is the customer’s duty, rather than the government’s prerogative, to make individual purchasing choices.

USCC defends consumer choice in all areas of the economy.

With a particular focus on Energy, Financial Services, Consumer Products, Healthcare, Food & Nutrition, Agriculture, and Technology.

USCC promotes consumer education.

USCC encourages the providers of consumer goods and services to educate their customers of the positive and negative effects of their products.

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